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Carpet Cleaning Sydney - Non Toxic Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to 'Yes We Can' Carpet Cleaning FAQ page

Our Service
Q. How do I make a booking or get a free estimate?
You can phone free on 1800 676 881 or send us an email.

Q. How much will it cost?
The cost to clean your carpets and rugs is based on several factors, including the size of your house, the layout, your preferences and specific needs.
Rooms: A standard room is approximately 3 x 4 metres (12 square metres). Larger rooms may be considered as 1 or 2 rooms. Once we know which, we can give you a free quote over the phone or via email.

Q. How can I pay you?
Technicians carry mobile EFTPOS machines and accept Visa, MasterCard, BankCard and Amex. We accept cash and cheques unless the job is an tenant exit carpet clean.

Q. Do you guarantee you service?
We provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - up to 14 days.

Q. What areas do you service?
Sydney wide

Q. What type of carpet cleaning methods do you use?
We specialise in both Dry Carpet Cleaning and Steam Carpet Cleaning. Dry Carpet Cleaning requires less water and dries more quickly. Overly wet carpets can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which cause health problems and unpleasant smells. Our Steam Cleaning system carpets will dry in few hours and the work is done in a professional manner.

The Cleaning Process
Q. Is there anything I should do to prepare for your arrival?
Please make sure that toys and small objects are picked up. We carefully move all reasonably sized furniture and put it back in place after the clean. If possible we do ask that you remove all breakables such as lamps, and photos etc.

Q. How long will my carpet take to dry?
Drying time depends on some variables such as the thickness of carpet pile and fibres, weather conditions and air circulation - factors such as humidity and ventilation play a part in drying time. We use a drying method that takes approximately 2 hours.

Q. What if I have allergies?
The sprays we use are non toxic and are safe for children, pets and people who have allergies.

Q. What are the pros and cons of using carpet protectants like Scotchguard?
Not an organic, natural product

Forms an invisible shield, like a sealant, around each carpet fibre
Repels liquid spills and helps carpets last longer
Makes carpets easier to maintain
Dries quickly and leaves no odour
Is non-toxic, CFC and solvent free and is safe for humans and pets

Q. How often should my carpet be cleaned?
People with allergies and asthma should clean their carpets about every 3 to 6 months. Vacuuming alone will not do the trick. Professional cleaning is the key to killing dust mites which is the number one cause of allergens in the indoor environment. To keep dust mites under control, a professional carpet clean needs to be done about every 12 months or so.

Q. What can I do to keep my carpets clean?
If wearing street shoes, use entry mats to remove most of the dirt upon entering the house. Its even better to remove your shoes upon entering. Treat carpet spills and accidents (from pets or people) immediately.

Q. What do I do after my carpet has been cleaned?
Immediately after cleaning: Floors can be a little slippery so please allow two hours for drying. You can walk on the carpets almost immediately. We recommend that you wear socks so as not to transfer body oil and dirt onto the freshly cleaned carpet.

Q. Why should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?
Carpets and fabrics not properly cleaned and maintained have the potential to cause a variety of health problems. Professional carpet cleaning improves the indoor air quality of your home or work environment and it extends the life of your carpet.

Q. How do I treat spills and stains?
First scoop up any solids that have been spilled. Then blot the area with white towelling. Place carpet solution onto the towel and blot over the stain, be careful not to smudge the spot. if there are instructions on the packaging, follow those.

Q. What is the difference between a spot and a stain?
A spot is a substance food, grease, dirt etc that has adhered to the carpet fibre but has not set. Spots are most likely removed by a professional carpet cleaning service. A stain is more advanced and may have coloured the area, requiring additional treatment.

Q. Why do some stains reappear after time?
Usually they are new stains. This occurs when drinks containing sugar, such as tea, coffee or soft-drinks are spilt into the carpet. Once dry, the sugar becomes sticky and begins to collect dust and dirt over time, making it appear that the stain is coming from underneath the carpet. In rare cases there may be a problem with the underlay. Problems with underlays are rectified by removing the carpet to treat the area, or they may require replacing the underlay entirely. Our service technicians can advise you on the best treatment.

Q. Are all stains removable?
No, not all stains are removable. If our technicians need to use extra treatments, a treatment fee may be charged for special attention. This will always be discussed with you prior to treatment.
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